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Welcome To Lanassist Web Site

LanAssist Ltd. was founded in 1996 and was the successor of Gavish Group Consulting and Design and Low Voltage Systems.  LanAssist specializes in communication solutions including modern office and services ranging from network-based computing to Microsoft Novell Unix hardware, servers and infrastructure, software printers, fire alarm and smoke detection systems, telephony systems, audio systems and video cameras, security systems.

The true strength of LanAssist Ltd. is in its unlimited capacity for work combined with the expertise of professionals from various fields, and viewing the customer as a work partner.

LanAssist Limited provides services for communication networks and PC-based computers.  We provide effective solutions, maximum efficiency in  work over short periods of time, intelligent dynamic planning and execution. We have access to a vast amount of resources and leading cutting edge technologies in the world. All this under one roof ensures we can offer attractive prices for the best and most promising solutions to our corporate clients. 


The interdisciplinary team in our company consists of the generation of the digital age who were “born” into it and are proficient in all of its facets.

LanAssist Ltd. has established itself to fit the market’s needs and evolved over time into new areas of activities to keep up with the requirements and technological developments of our time. 


Currently, the company has a significant stronghold in the Israeli market in diverse areas of activity.  The company’s built its strong presence in the local market by basing it on the fundamentals of stability on one hand and flexibility on the other hand.  This allows us to take advantage of opportunities to enter new potential markets and new projects.  The overall package is a winning combination for a comprehensive computing plan with expert advice on system engineering, competent technical support in real time with emphasis on the future needs of the customer.

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